Flattering picture of Tom

Tom is a furry photosynthetic device for turning cat biscuits into more Tom. He is very good at this. Thus far, he has generated about 20 pounds, or nine kilograms, of Tom, making him approximately twice the weight he should be, for his skeletal size.

I choose to be proud of this achievement on his part.

In case you doubt the veracity of the above, observe the following unretouched picture of Tom in repose:

Less flattering picture of Tom


Tom engaged in ongoing debate over territory

Tom is also, beyond a doubt, Huge And Ferocious. Witness, above, his preferred position from which to engage in arguments with the long-haired black cat from next door. Were it not for the pane of glass in between, Tom would surely be rending the unfortunate interloper limb from limb. The fact that the only fight injuries he ever appears to receive are bites on the bum in no way suggests that he was (a) running away and (b) not fast enough.

He looks normal in this one

Mind you, there are bigger cats out there. Here's a couple. If you've got one, email me with a picture.

Mat1160.JPG (6899 bytes) Mat3160.JPG (4145 bytes) Mat2160.JPG (6163 bytes)

   Mataisse the purebred Siamese, from Canada. What, exactly, a purebred Siamese has to do to wind up weighing 23 pounds I do not know, but Mataisse has clearly done it. The human in the pictures is one Craig Milton's sister Tracey.

Fuz1160.JPG (6655 bytes) Fuz2160.JPG (6293 bytes) Fuz3160.JPG (6149 bytes)

Rosemary Jacobs' mutant giant Fuzz. No, really, he is a mutant; he's got a total of 14 claws on his front feet. And he's heavier than Tom. And he was originally a none-too-friendly stray. This is the kind of cat that gives people cat phobias.


Schroedinger. "10.8 Kg of lazy."

Reg, a cat who lives near me. He is immense.






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