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Some snivelling mindless oxygen-sink broke into my 1:1 scale car in the early hours of the 11th of July, 1998, and stole the big nifty box containing the Mammoth and the Mini!

Fortunately, the Behemoth is currently in bits, and hence wasn't there to steal.

Ergo, until the unlikely event of their return, this page must serve as a memorial.


The Behemoth The Mammoth

The Mini

Hi, my name's Daniel, and I'm a gadgetaholic.

<150 guys wearing Robot Wars T-shirts and really complicated wristwatches say "Hi, Daniel" in unison>

I own a smoke machine, a plasma ball, a degaussing wand, a mobile phone, a cordless phone, a synthesiser, a synth module, a MIDI controller keyboard, a laser pointer, three strobe lights, a Zip drive, a Bernoulli drive, a digital still camera, a brightly coloured plastic Hoberman sphere, several decorative hard disk platters which hang on my wall, a bulbulator, one of those talking key-ring things with four buttons that each cause it to say a different obscenity, a radiometer, an ultrasonic dog-irritator, a cut-clinch-and-burnish tool I've used about three times, a miniature single action steam engine, an ultrasonic cleaner, a huge stereo featuring an ancient Sony TAE-8450 pre-amp with so many buttons they had to put some on the back, a Slinky, a mansion and a yacht.

I also own two unusually large radio controlled cars. Well, I did, until one was stolen - see above. The now-stolen Mammoth is electric powered. The younger Behemoth is gas powered. I also added a weeny electric car, the Mini, but that got nicked too.

I find it rewarding to keep in the forefront of my mind two important facts. The first is that a hobby is anything on which you spend large amounts of money for no reason you can clearly elucidate. The second is that practically all hobbies are more reasonable than following a golf ball, and people who play golf are, by and large, socially accepted. Apply this, The Golf Test, to any questionably sane pastimes in which you engage. It's amazing what passes The Golf Test.

Mind you, my toys ain't nothin'. Check out the awe-inspiringly brutal engineering of Dan Danknick here. I am proud to be an e-mail acquaintance of this man, and I'm not just saying that 'cause he sent me free T-shirts.

For more radio control and other reviews, visit www.dansdata.com!

I've got a couple of R/C reviews on Dan's Data at the moment - one of the Kyosho QRC Wild Dodge Ram reversible gas car, and one of the Tamiya 1/16th scale Sherman tank.

Sure your $50 Nikko car can whup my toys' asses? Email me and we'll set a time and place.

My toys would not exist were it not for a great deal of parts and tolerance from

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Wings 'N' Things Hobbies

(a store I'd patronise even if it wasn't a ten minute walk from my house)

This page was apparently listed in the

The R/C Web Directory

for about ten seconds.

Well, they can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut for all I care.






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