Dan's Merry Page Of

Opinionated Righteousness

(an ongoing project)

"No one has the right to destroy another person's belief by demanding
empirical evidence."

(Ann Landers, in her column on
January 10, 1994 in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

Hey! Ann! Bite me!

My Mottoes:



Mottoes suggested by other people, who were too lazy to actually make the darn picture themselves, but came up with something interesting enough that I could be bothered firing up Photoshop to Mottofy it:


Suggested by:

Antony Gerken, from a bumper sticker he saw in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sick to death of people who collect beliefs like stamps? Feel as if you'll scream if one more evidence-free spam-post hits your mailbox hawking cancer curing toothpaste? Got a website crying out for more spice?

Here are the graphics for you.

Standard-sized and to-the-point, Dan's Objectivist Anti-Bulldust Page Mottoes give you the chance to make your pages as offensive to wooly-thinking New Age crystal-huggers as you like. You've got to agree with me on the issues covered by the mottoes, of course, but since all right-thinking people find my insights eye-poppingly profound, this shouldn't be a problem.

If you want to put any or all of these Mottoes on your page, be my guest. Just

1) email me to tell me you've done it, and

2) link the Motto(es) back to this page.

Suggestions and/or fully crafted Mottoes of your own are welcome! I'll give full attribution for any donated Mottoes, and will cheerfully display Mottoes that express opinions with which I do not, actually, agree.

Remember: If you give a damn, make a Motto.

Go on. Try me.






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