Testing The EMPower Modulator

(yeah, like that's gonna happen)

EMPower Modulator


Amazingly enough, it did! I finally got a Modulator to play with - and take apart!

Read all about it!

Here's an email sent to me by Don Maisch, whose "Fields Of Conflict" book is used as "supporting evidence" by Harmonic Energy Products, a state of affairs about which Don is not at all pleased (read his opinions here). If Harmonic ever feel an urge to actually put their various claims to the test, Don's found them just the man for the job.


X-From_: emfacts@tassie.net.au Sat Nov 28 21:01:08 1998
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 21:00:14 +1100 (EST)
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To: Daniel Rutter <rutterd@optusnet.com.au>
From: Don Maisch <emfacts@tassie.net.au>
Subject: Testing the Power Modulator (for placement on your web site)

Dear Daniel

I received a call yesterday (27/11/98) from a spokesperson from Harmonic
Products. She had seen my comments to you about the Power Modulator on
your web site. During the conversation we failed reach any kind of
agreement and basically she accused me of not understanding cell biology
and not understanding the type of testing they do to verify the modulators
effect on protecting cells. She also mentioned about possible litigation
against you and hinted at possible action against myself if I do not
retract the statements made to you. I asked her to send me any scientific
evidence that these devices work and I would seriously consider it.

She mentioned that they are selling thousands of modulators, especially for
various government office buildings. I have also heard elsewhere that they
claim to be selling them to the Philippine Government. The reality of these
claims is uncertain. However from the amount of professional advertising
being done for Harmonic products I think it is safe to assume that it is a
VERY profitable business, with a sizable tax bill.

If this is true, a thorough scientific evaluation, using established
methodology, of the Power Modulator, even though it would be expensive,
would be a tax deduction for Harmonic Products.

It is possible to scientifically verify (or not) the Power Modulators'
claims by examining exactly what happens to human cells under the influence
of electromagnetic Fields, both with a Modulator plugged into the testing
equipment, and without.

I spoke to Dr. Peter French, Principal Scientific Research Officer at the
Centre for Immunology at St. Vincents Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney. He
can conduct a thorough investigation on the Modulators claims and determine
exactly what it does at a cellular level under the influence of
electromagnetic radiation at different frequencies. Such a test would take
about 6 months duration and cost about $20,000 Aus.. I have also contacted
several other established laboratories that are willing to conduct similar

If this testing is undertaken, (cost a tax deduction!) and it is found that
the Power Modulator does indeed provide protection at a cellular level,
this would be worth millions to Harmonic Products. For the first time,
using established scientific methods, a product was found to solve the EMF
health issue. Sales of Power Modulators would be on an international scale
as word gets out.

This is only asking the manufacturer, or seller, to undertake the necessary
testing that is required of most products, such as drugs, that make health

If Harmonic Products agree to such a testing procedure and funds the
necessary testing, using established scientific methodology, I will retract
all previous statements made to you about their products. If such testing
proves their claims I will do all I can to promote the product.

Don Maisch
EMFacts Consultancy
November 28, 1998

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