Legal Inaction from Harmonic Energy Products

As a result of the festivities detailed in The Quacks Strike Back, I scored an interview with Dr Paul Willis of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who at the time was working on a radio show which was originally called The Correx Files, but following a severe lack of a sense of humour from 20th Century Fox is now called The Correx Archives. As it turns out, the interview seems unlikely to see the light of day, but what do you care, you've got it all at your fingertips right here.

I've e-corresponded on and off with Dr Willis, and according to him Noel Orchard of Harmonic Energy Products said, on the 17th of March 1998, that "he is planning legal action against you and other unspecified parties" and "is also threatening legal action against me if I proceed with a story that includes comments about his device." However, "he refused to go on tape and negate claims made against his device!"

It's been about a year since the 17th, now, and I haven't heard boo from the fearsome Harmonic Energy Products lawyers. I wait with bated breath to make their acquaintance.

Interestingly, Mr Orchard also claimed "that he will hold a media conference later this year in which the effects of the EMPower Modulator will be demonstrated. He is hinting that it is something to do with milk, celery and a fridge!"

Noel also apparently promised to send Dr Willis a Modulator for review before the 20th of April, 1998. Needless to say, it didn't show up.