Firepower folderol

Publication date: 19-Feb-2008.
Last modified 08-Feb-2012.


Someone from the colourful fuel-additive company Firepower has ordered Blogsome, who host my blog, to force me to cease linking to the PDF file of their "evidence" which their Australian CEO sent to me.

When he sent it to me, he similarly ordered me to make it available for download.

While the giant brains at Firepower figure out what exactly it is that they want me to do with this file - which is just promotional literature, for Pete's sake, without even a copyright notice on it - I encourage you all to mirror the file wherever you like.

Even if you've not the slightest interest in what it contains. Censorship-attempt equals mirroring; you know the drill.

To get you started, here's the torrent.

(And here it is on The Pirate Bay. And here's a funky anonymised download version! Note that that last one is not the same torrent as the public one; if you want to seed a torrent, make it the public one.)

UPDATE: The above torrents are dead now, but it doesn't matter, because the Firepower scam fell apart, as it was obviously always going to, so there no longer exists a Firepower to threaten me, or anyone else, for talking about them. If you still feel morbidly curious, feel free to check out the "evidence" PDF anyway.

Original text resumes:

Drop me a line when you mirror it somewhere else - though I'd venture the opinion that we've probably got about enough mirrors (46 so far, by my count...) and torrent seeds (dozens) to make the point, by now!

But do also contact me if you're this mysterious Firepower complainant who doesn't even have the balls to talk to me directly, preferring to waste the time of my blog hosts with substanceless legal threats.

(It's been four months now, and I'm still waiting. I presume the Firepower managerial staff have been busy hiding from their creditors.)

Mirrors so far: This one at Tantryl Technology, this one at Purdue University, this one at David Lumley Design, this one at Manitu Group, this one at Tinfoil Music, this one at WinForums, this one at, this one at, this one at Practical Devices, this one at GamersNation, this one and this one where the PDF link currently constitutes pretty much the entire content of the site it's on, not to mention this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one and this one on OptusNet accounts, this one and this one at TPG, this one at WestNet and this one on a Versatel account in Belgium. Also mirrored and blogged about on Colombo Critic, and, and ILikeJam, and, and The Thrill House, and Wyse Guys, and, and TechDomain, and TechNFun, and AdamHelp, and The Dord of Darien, and in Switzerland.

And the torrent's been downloaded several hundred times.

How's that censorship workin' out for you, anonymous Firepower guy?

If you'd like to chat about this foolishness, I suggest this thread on the Atomic forums. There's a thread running on the SkylinesAustralia forums, too; car forums are obviously where this stuff really needs to be discussed.

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