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15 April 2015

And even more.

10 April 2015

Yep. More.

27 March 2015

I'll leave it as a surprise.

14 March 2015

Even more letters!

22 February 2015

Yet another lump of letters!

4 February 2015


18 January 2015

Even more letters!

13 January 2015

More letters!

20 December 2014

Yup! More letters!

14 December 2014

You'll never guess.

12 December 2014

Yet! More! Letters!

10 December 2014


8 December 2014


7 December 2014

An auditory skeuomorph you've heard many times, without even knowing it.

6 December 2014

Have we all been killed by 3D-printed guns yet? I haven't been paying attention.

28 August 2014


28 July 2014


20 June 2014


3 March 2014


19 January 2014


18 January 2014

Money for nothing.

16 January 2014


21 November 2013


20 November 2013

Not one column, not two columns, but three!

Neil Young's "Pono" thing, encryption with random... ish... numbers, and my reply to the surprising amount of hate mail I got about the Pono column!

3 October 2013


5 August 2013

Science versus SoftRAM.

14 July 2013

Seeing past the normal.

13 July 2013

More letters!

24 June 2013


7 May 2013


4 May 2013

On the h4xx0ring of p4sswordZ.

29 April 2013

Warfare. Aliens. Car crashes. ENTERTAINMENT!

4 April 2013


8 March 2013

Noontec GigaLink N5

Network storage box: Twenty-five dollars.

27 February 2013


8 February 2013

Socialised entertainment.

6 February 2013


3 February 2013


28 January 2013

Identical voices and phantom swords.

17 January 2013

Yet more letters!

14 January 2013

Astonishingly, I just reviewed something.

Inexpensive mouse

It's a mouse that costs almost nothing.

20 December 2012


21 November 2012


13 November 2012

If it looks random, it probably isn't.

2 November 2012

A deadly mouse trap.

24 October 2012


Over at the blog, I just wrote a surprising number of words about a thing that makes tea.

2 October 2012


25 September 2012

Pathfinding to everywhere.

11 September 2012

A blog post, not really a review:

Seagate Expansion drive

15.16 thousand megabytes per dollar.

30 August 2012

Grinding myself down.

24 August 2012

And even MORE letters!

15 August 2012

Yet! More! Letters!

3 August 2012

Stomp, don't sprint!

12 July 2012


7 July 2012

Big shiny knife

And now for something completely different.

28 June 2012


14 June 2012

Welcome to my (imaginary) museum!

8 June 2012


14 May 2012

What does playing video games do to your mind?

25 March 2012


24 March 2012

When you have eliminated the impossible...

22 March 2012

Of magic lanterns, and MMORPGs

21 March 2012

The death of the manual.

15 March 2012

Holy crap, I actually reviewed something!

USB foot pedal

Behold: My hamburger pedal.

14 March 2012

Yet more letters!

26 February 2012


8 February 2012

More letters!

4 February 2012


3 February 2012

File extensions are ridiculous.

6 January 2012


14 December 2011

In Praise of the Fisheye.

11 December 2011


25 November 2011

A modest censorship proposal.

24 November 2011


18 October 2011

Yet more letters!

17 October 2011

Stuck in the foothills.

15 September 2011


13 September 2011

The newt hits! You die...

29 August 2011

Have you wasted enough time today?

19 August 2011


17 July 2011

Yet more letters!

16 July 2011

Big Brother is watching you play.

1 July 2011

More letters!

28 June 2011


26 June 2011

One-note NPCs.

25 June 2011

Cannibalise the corpses!

20 June 2011


9 June 2011


2 May 2011


28 April 2011

Five trillion bits flying in loose formation.

11 April 2011


11 April 2011

Game crazy.

25 March 2011

Anybody reading this page who doesn't already have more than enough Photon LED lights may be very, very slightly interested to learn that, this week only, everything in the Photon store is 15% off, if you use the coupon code "SPRING15OFF".

(As usual, I get a cut if you follow my link and then buy something.)

20 March 2011


19 March 2011

Speed kings.

18 March 2011

The daily grind.

17 March 2011

The triumph of niceness.

16 March 2011

A hundred years of EULAs.

7 March 2011

Yet more letters!

21 February 2011


20 February 2011


17 February 2011


12 December 2010

Next stop: Hardware piracy.

25 October 2010


20 September 2010

Steal This Education.

18 September 2010

Letters, and more letters!

11 August 2010

The shifting goalposts of AI.

12 July 2010


3 July 2010

I have avoided pestering readers of this page with announcements of the last couple of Photon-light sales. This one's quite nice, though.

For the duration of the US Fourth of July weekend, they've taken 15% off everything in the store, including a bunch of oddments that you might not expect people famous for high-quality key-ring flashlights. They sell excellent-quality Maha NiMH batteries and chargers, some Leatherman tools and, as they say, more.

Use the coupon code "FIREWORKS" at checkout to get your discount. And, as usual, I get a cut if you click my link to the site and then buy something.

21 June 2010

No spaceship? No sale.

16 June 2010


17 May 2010

500 gig per second, if we don't get a flat.

14 May 2010

More letters!

4 May 2010


4 May 2010

On the hobby-microcontroller revolution.

(If you hate it when I put tons and tons of links in an article, you should probably skip this one.)

2 May 2010

What'll be free next?

Command-line interfaces: Nerd Skill Number One.

15 April 2010

Herewith, a product of considerable interest to Australians and virtually none to everyone else:

Noontec V-9T

The Noontec V9-T, a neat little networked dual-tuner PVR and media player of exactly the sort that big media companies want to sue you for owning.

(Note that this device is pointless for non-Australians because its TV tuners only work with our, unique, free-to-air digital TV system.)

31 March 2010

How hot is too hot for a hard drive?

28 March 2010

Letters, and more letters!

23 March 2010

You know what's wrong with episodic games?

They're not episodic enough.

20 March 2010

Measuring the performance of storage devices is easy.

Measuring their performance properly isn't.

16 February 2010

Forgot to annoy you all with announcement of another Photon-light sale.

15% off everything in the store, I get a cut if you buy things, I'll shut up now.

3 February 2010

A letters column, and another letters column!

14 January 2010

USB 3 enclosure and controller card kit

USB 3 drive box. USB 3 controller card. Quite cheap. Any good?

5 November 2009

A new Ask Dan, all about drives.

5 November 2009

More letters!

22 October 2009


21 October 2009

From aerial torpedoes to RoboCars.

14 October 2009

Another Photon-light sale!

The US dollar's in pretty lousy shape at the moment, so this could be a good time for people outside the USA to buy some stuff from the Photon factory outlet.

The current "October Pre-Holiday Sale" takes 15% off all Photon lights, Maha batteries and chargers, and Leatherman multi-tools, which they now also sell for some reason.

The 15% discount also applies to their expensive but good variable-brightness "Photon Pro" one-AA-cell light, which has been upgraded with a significantly brighter high-power white LED, in addition to its little red LED for when you don't want to lose your night vision.

And, as usual, I get a cut of the action if you click here and buy something!15 September 2009

Alternate history: Of railways, roadways, 3D cards and PC clones.

13 September 2009


2 September 2009

Ask Dan: ExpressCard vs PCMCIA.

In which I figure out why it's possible to get adapters that plug ExpressCards into CardBus PCMCIA slots.

(It's more interesting than it sounds. Well, I think it is, anyway.)

5 August 2009


21 July 2009

A couple of aspects of modern computing, and modern transport, that'll seem completely bizarre to people in the future.

22 June 2009

A bold new computer metaphor.

21 June 2009


19 June 2009

I haven't begged for money for more than nine months...

...so I thought I'd have a really big beg this time.

Anybody wanna help me buy a new PC?

19 June 2009

Next stop, clay tablets: It's possible to back up computer data onto ordinary paper. And it's less silly than it sounds!

8 June 2009

I just wrote a blog post about a couple of Australian "economic stimulus" programs which Aussie readers might find interesting.

(My apologies to readers who already subscribe to my blog's feed.)

31 May 2009


16 May 2009

Which kind of sci-fi super-battery should you ask the aliens for?

30 April 2009


(Also, mail to dan@dansdata.com was bouncing for a bit. It's fixed now, though; please re-send anything that didn't get through.)

18 April 2009

Would you like to live forever?

31 March 2009

Ask Dan: A PC for the parents?

24 March 2009


13 March 2009

In the unlikely case that you have not yet bought quite enough Photon lights, they've got another sale running now. The list prices for various of their products have been reduced a bit now, and there's a "March Madness" sale running on top of that, until the end of the month

As usual, I get a cut of the action if you click here and buy something.

26 February 2009

A "200Hz screen" can be any one of at least three different things.

23 February 2009


21 February 2009

We're all prisoners of game theory.

25 January 2009


24 January 2009

Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?

14 January 2009

Darlinghurst panorama

I'm back from my holiday, and yesterday wrote what almost amounts to another flashlight review on my blog.

(If you'd like to be automatically notified of new posts on Dan's Data and How To Spot A Psychopath, I remind you that the Dan's Data feed is here, and the How To Spot A Psychopath one is here.)

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