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Do feel free to e-mail me. My address is You might like to read How Not To E-Mail Me before you compose your message, though. If you're interested in sending me something to review, check out this page.

And if you haven't read and been bored by this page already, please read on.

If you've got a PayPal account, you can use it to give me some money. The more money Dan's Data makes, the more Dan's Data I'll make for you all. Which explains those cheesy ads all over the site.

You don't even have to sign up for a PayPal account to donate; in many countries, PayPal will let you make one-off payments via credit card or bank transfer:

It's also easy to sign up for a PayPal account, and not risky, either, as long as you use a good password and don't leave large amounts of money in the account. And it's handy, too; PayPal has been scientifically proven to greatly enhance the ease with which you can purchase useless bric-a-brac on eBay.

If you've already got a PayPal account, you can just Send Money to

It's free to sign up - they charge your credit card one US dollar (or some similar amount in another currency, if you don't set up a US dollar balance as your default) as part of the validation process, but you get that amount as your starting balance.

UPDATE: I now also accept that Bitcoin thing all the kids are talking about. My Bitcoin donation address is:
Or you can send me a DogeCoin or two! Address:

How much do I want from you? Anything'll do. I suggest a mere one US dollar, but if you bought a hundred Berkshire Hathaway shares in 1977 and haven't sold them yet, be my guest and give me a bit more. The first guy to drop something in my hat gave me $US3.00. You don't want to look cheaper than that, do you?

In return for your money, you, personally, will get nothing much. If you mention that you gave me some money in an e-mail in which you ask why your Upfly Dragonbaster 6801 TNT2 card doesn't work properly in Direct3D, I may be more prone to send you a helpful reply. But I'm guaranteeing nothing.

A sudden tidal wave of PayPal cash, though, will certainly encourage me to spend more time writing stuff for Dan's Data and less time writing stuff for those quaint wood-pulp publications that still seem so strangely popular.

Why am I doing this, beyond naked greed?

Well, I reckon there must be some people out there who actually want to send me some money.

You see, I get about one e-mail message a day from someone who just wants to tell me how great I am, how much they love my writing, and how they're sotired of working as a microbiologist by day and as a pole dancer at the nudie bar by night, and just want to find a nice boy and settle down before they turn 23.

Did I say that last part out loud?

Never mind.

Anyhow, if that's the kind of e-mail you were thinking of sending me, and if you've got a spare dollar, pound, Deutschemark, Pa'anga or other currency of unit value roughly approximating that of a cup of coffee:


The Small Print

It's free to send money via PayPal. If you donate $US5, for instance, exactly $US5 is what PayPal will take out of your account.

If you're sending money that starts out in some non-PayPal account, though - which is to say, your PayPal account has no money in it, so when you send money from it, that money has to be taken out of a credit card or some other account first - then PayPal take fees out of that money before it's deposited to the receiving account.

PayPal now support many currencies, and their fee structure is mildly confusing. If you'd like to see exactly how much they'll skim off a given payment, check out this calculator.

But, again, you'll pay nothing more than the amount of your donation, whatever it is. Which is likely to be a small price to pay to have the chance to just give me money as if I were some kind of common panhandler. It costs a lot more to demean most people.

You can also give me money (well, a commission, anyway) and actually receive goods in return! Amazing, I know, but true!

There's a selection of fine Dan's Data T-shirts and mugs and stuff on display here:

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...and a collection of superior computer reference books available for your perusal here.

Buy this stuff, and most of the money goes to CafePress or Amazon, respectively. But I don't mind.

Give Dan some money!
(and no-one gets hurt)